Andrew Morrison


Jill Soloway
"When we first started looking, his main intent was to find out WHAT I NEEDED AND WANTED. Not what was hip or cool, not what was cheap so we'd go fast or expensive so he'd make big bucks, just what was right for me. As we drove around to educate ourselves, he schooled me on all the things about buying real estate that I needed to learn. When it came time to buy- when we walked into the yard of the home I'm now in... we looked at one another and both knew that I was home.

Amidst a heated marketplace, he made sure that my offer stood out and by the end of the day the house was mine. The realtor, an aggressive competitor of Andrew's from a rival agency, called me personally to let me know the buyers had gone with my offer mainly due to the professionalism and manner of my agent, Andrew.

I recommend him to everyone I meet who's looking for a house. Not only was it painless, it was actually quite wonderful and I owe all of that to Andrew.
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Dina Benadon - First Time Silver Lake Home Buyer
"If it weren't for Andrew I wouldn't be sitting in my very first house right now!

One month after meeting Andrew and after only TWO touring Saturdays my boyfriend and I were in escrow on a 1916 California Craftsman in the Silver Lake Hills.

This was amazing to us, because for over a year, we had been looking for a modern house in the Hollywood Hills that would be comfortable, big enough for both of us (who had never lived together before), and of course affordable (HA!). Slowly we started looking farther and farther East and started thinking that Pasadena wouldn't be too far a drive to Hollywood where we worked. (NOT!! least for us lazy folk...)

Then we met Andrew one Sunday, who despite our "we're just looking" attitude, took the bull by the horns and continued to email me listings on a daily basis. This made things so much easier for us as we own our own business and are really busy all week and usually through the weekends.

We set up 2 tours with him. By the second go round he had learned our taste and what we wanted in a home. Within the 4-week span of meeting him and escrow, Andrew emailed me a California Craftsman home that I quickly deleted. After all, didn't he KNOW that we were looking for something modern, stylish, with character, charm and elegance??? Oh, he knew, more than WE did.

That Saturday, after already walking through 5 homes, he insisted we visit this newly renovated antique. We were nice enough to do him the favor. The next day our offer was in (along with the 4 others!!) and the following day we were in Escrow.

The entire process was such a breeze that my parents (with their many years of real estate experience), who had just sold their Santa Monica home to move to Beverlywood 6 months earlier, were in awe and completely jealous over how attentive and responsive our agent was. Not to mention the beautiful housewarming gifts he left us that were so unnecessary, but that made us feel so special.

I send everyone to Andrew. He really is a great broker, a good teacher and most importantly now, a wonderful friend. (Did I mention that it's been over six months that we moved in and he STILL helps me with homeowner questions???!!) :)

Good luck."
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Marty Sokol
"Why did I love working with Andrew Morrison? Because it took all the pressure off of looking for a house. No feelings of wheedling or needling or huckstering, just simply, like having a best friend to help you

Buying my first home was a daunting prospect to be sure. All the clichés you hear people complain about are an absolute truth: The right neighborhood, the right price, the right financing, countless inspections, troubles in escrow and the fear, Good Lord, the fear.

My trepidations were unfounded. From my first meeting with Andrew Morrison to my last day of escrow, I was led by a man whose knowledge of the process, enthusiasm for the hunt and passion for professionalism led me on a learning curve into the front door of my new home.

Andrew carefully listened to my needs - he listened so intently that weeks later he would remind me of ones I had already forgotten.

Andrew educated me on the current market. He spent hours with me driving from available home to available home, some with less then I was looking for and some with more. "Now I don't think this house is what your looking for, but if you don't mind, I want you to see it so you can know what's out there which is going to help you make an educated decision down the road." His enthusiasm never wavered.

Setting my sights on Silver Lake, where I had lived for ten years, Andrew combed the entire area with me and encouraged me to expand my geographic search to increase my knowledge of "what was out there".

He spent days driving me through the hills of Eagle Rock, Los Feliz and the Hollywood Hills patiently educating me on the available market and encouraged me to ask questions, questions and more questions. Andrew never once pressured me and seemed to be in my head, knowing exactly what I was looking for.

When the day arrived for me to find my house, Andrew knew me so well that he was prepared. He intuitively knew that this was the house I was going to choose. He had educated me so well that aside from my emotional connection to the property, I absolutely knew without any question that this was the most ideal home for me.

Amid an avalanche of competitive multiple bidding, Andrew took control and landed me the property.

He did not stop there. He stood above the call of duty and set up all of my inspections. Continuing my education, Andrew encouraged me to follow each inspector and really learn about my new home. (knock on wood it looks all right)

Andrew is driven by enthusiasm and not "the deal". He is warm and intelligent and I simply cannot imagine navigating this process with anyone else. There are a million real-estate agents out there but there is only one Andrew Morrison and I have him to thank for my new home."
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Frank Morris and Gabriel Galluccio
"Thanks for all your assistance in helping us sell our home. Your advice on how to price the house and how to best show it were invaluable. It was great working with a Realtor who really understood the market and our neighborhood and was willing to work as hard as you did to sell our property. Again, many thanks from both Gabriel and myself."
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Elinor Nissley
"The longer I have my house, the more I appreciate all the work Andrew did to help me buy it. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I hatched the idea of purchasing a home, but within six weeks of meeting Andrew I was not only moving into my new home, I also felt savvy enough about the process to know I was getting a good deal and that I made the right decision. I was lucky enough to have found a property I liked immediately and lucky also to have Andrew to help me jump on the opportunity and have my offer accepted. Andrew was extraordinarily patient with my lack of knowledge and made sure I understood all of the options and legalese, each step of the way.

From my perspective at least, the purchase proceeded with the absolute minimum of problems, although I'll never know the amount of running around Andrew did to ensure that was the case. I doubt there is any way I would have found and bought this house without Andrew's help and I am thrilled to have it."
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Brian Wilson
"Andrew, thanks for helping me through a tricky purchase of great 1920's Silver Lake fourplex. Your skill, style and persistence made my offer stand out among more than ten competing offers. We got the property and we weren't even the highest bid. That says a lot! And thank you for your follow-up calls months after the escrow closed to make sure that all was well for this first time apartment owner."
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Angie & Donnachada Daly
"When we moved to LA without much knowledge of the area or local market, Andrew did a great job of educating us. He was always available to show us different neighborhoods and was quickly able to grasp our likes and dislikes as well as our needs. When we settled on a neighborhood and found the house we wanted, Andrew worked diligently to make sure our offer would be accepted. Working with a "for sale by owner" seller was difficult but Andrew went way above and beyond to ensure everyone was happy!

We would highly recommend working with Andrew, his patience, persistence, and knowledge are invaluable. Andrew has a very easy manner which put everybody at ease and made it a very pleasant experience!
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Monique Reymond and Shellie Collier
"We just finished a rather extensive search for a home with Andrew as our agent. He not only met with us to understand our goals, he re-met with us on a number of occasions when we went off on tangents to make sure he still understood what it was were looking for.

After five months of aggressive and extensive shopping, we finally found a property that we wanted to make an offer on. Of course, this was an extremely desirable house that went into multiple offers. With his guidance we managed to get it, amazingly enough, without overspending.

Andrew acted as our agent, our friend, our parent and often our therapist. His expertise and calm enabled us to find our dream house, and actually get it."
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Tom and Rose Himrod - Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Thanks for making the sale of our Glassell Park home a great event even though we were responding to the buyer's offer on 9/11! You were over the top in your efforts to make our move to Santa Fe happen while work you and your team supervised work still needed on the "for sale" property. Tom and I appreciated all the extra effort that went into receiving a full-price offer the day after the open house."
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Alice Kimm & John Friedman
"Thanks to Andrew, we recently acquired a beautiful lot in Silver Lake and will be designing a new home for it soon. Without Andrew, we would NEVER have been able to purchase the lot. He did all of the legwork, tracking down the owner (the lot was not for sale), writing him a letter expressing our interest, and following up until the owner actually decided to sell.

Andrew is absolutely the best realtor we could ever recommend (and we have recommended him to everyone we know looking for homes in the Silver Lake area). He is energetic, follows through, and never loses his good humor, and I personally am forever grateful to him for trekking to all of those open houses during the heat of the summer, carrying my then very young baby up all the steps and hills.

We would hope that anyone looking for property or a home would call on Andrew for his help and expertise. We won't consider using anyone else!"
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